Regulated parking in town of La Savina

The project

The new system of regulated parking in the town of La Savina took effect in february 2015. Hatched by neighbourhood residents, businesses and the Formentera Council alike, the project was given the important goal of improving parking in La Savina in order to achieve the following benefits:

1. Shorten periods of stay and increase rotation of parked vehicles in order to facilitate access to La Savina businesses.
2. Make parking easier for port users, especially for drivers parking during nighttime hours.
3. Guarantee parking close to home for all La Savina residents.

Parking zones have been divided into two groups: commercial use (blue zone) and residential use (green zone).


(Click on map to download project info).


Request or renew your pass at the Citizen Information Office (OAC):
Quit turning round in circles about it, request your parking pass!

With a parking pass from the OAC, residents of la Savina and other parts of Formentera can park free in blue and green parking spaces in la Savina. Unlike the first year of the programme, today there's no need for a decal on your windscreen. Simply print out a ticket from a nearby parking meter by typing in your vehicle's registration number as it appears on the number plate, and place the ticket in a clearly visible spot on your dashboard. Businesses and owners of electric vehicles can also pick up a pass for free parking. Some conditions apply.



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